Banu Noyan

Banu Noyan continues to carry out many great national and international events. Banu Noyan, who has been a senior executive in major media and public relations organizations and undertaken the choreography of tens of beauty contests and fashion shows, makes "carrying out events of which host feels himself a guest" a most important principle.


Basic principles are;

 We think there is no big or small work.
We think solutions to the person / institution/ private brand "haute couture" is a service.
We think it’s good to be ascertained for each subject and well served.
We think every job is unique. 
We think the result must be a success.


Our solutions are "haute couture" services tailor-made for person/organization/brand. Every subject on which the service is given shall be strongly understood and expressed. Every task is special, cannot be similar to or adapted from another one. The owner and boss of the task are the same: works with the motto of "Success!"


She minds bringing "qualified personnel" in the communication world and make them adopt the perspective: "Our business does not allow excuses". Banu Noyan produces and conducts projects also for Turkey's leading non-governmental organizations.


Banu Noyan takes tasks as the Project Coordinator of Turkish Juvenile Crime Prevention Fund, Board Member of Turkish Heart Foundation, Vice President of Turkish Anti-Smoking Association and Member of “Nisantasim” Foundation  crowns her success with prizes such as Golden Quality Award.